More than Just Design are visual communication experts based in the Midlands. We help our clients discover a different way of sharing their message effectively through the power of visual communication.

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We join you on an expedition of discovery. On your journey you will discover the key messages that you need to communicate throughout your marketing collateral. We then work closely with you to strategically piece together a planned approach.

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We work with you to delve deep and allow the hidden gems that we have discovered to shine bright. Our passion is visual communication and our ethos is to achieve powerful Graphic Design that communicates your key messages effectively.

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We help you to reach new heights by delivering real results, results that work. We work with you as a part of your team and we only deliver the most effective and visually stunning communication that shows your business or organisation from a different perspective.

Our wealth of experience gives us the knowledge and understanding to support the following sectors in creating effective and strategic visual communication.

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Professional services

We've helped services such as Accountants, Evaluators, Financial planners, Investment managers, IT consultants, Lawyers, Management consultants and we can help you!

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We've helped various organisations set up to provide help and raise money for those in need, if you're creating a Charity or are working for a well established one, let us help you!

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Conference and Events

We offer our clients a bespoke and contemporary graphic design service that includes branding, print design and digital design.Every design will be completely bespoke to you!

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Health & Wellbeing

We're designing for Health and wellbeing companies including; public health, adult social care and children's services. Companies helping the local and wider population.

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Supporting the visual communication of education sector based companies, including Universities, Colleges, Schools, Publishers, Trainers and many more to grow and succeed!

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We're the team member's creating design for the companies that use components, parts or raw materials to make a finished good, B2B and B2C companies included, three more words!

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